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He Stoops Down To Me


Hazelnut Coffee and Beautiful Promises❤️ You stoop down to make me great. Psalm 18:35b #perfectwaytobegintheday #unabashedhope #90DayswiththeBelovedDiscipleJohn #bethmoore #paneracoffee #toranisignaturesyrup #hazelnut #fiestajumbomug #ps1835


I Am Here


I Am Here

I have not abandoned you to suffer in misery and angst. 

I Am here to comfort you.

I have not abandoned you to hunger and want. 

I Am here to provide all that you need.

I have not abandoned you in the midst of your pain and grief. 

I Am here to dry your tears.

I have not abandoned you stewing in your biting anger and cynicism. 

I Am here to plead for you with all that I Am. 

I have not abandoned you to languish in powerlessness and fear. 

I Am here to protect and defend you.  

I Am here.
Laurie Pontious-Andrews

John 14:18

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In You


In You

I am no longer languishing in poverty, hunger, and neglect.

I am filled to overflowing and wholly satisfied.

I am no longer isolated, cut off, and afraid.

I am enveloped by the very warmth of Your presence.

I am no longer enslaved in a prison of shame and guilt.

I am liberated to come and go as my heart chooses.

I am no longer fodder and prey to the enemy.

I am sheltered, defended, and protected by Your hand.

I am no longer dismayed of the power of death.

I am alive eternally in You.

I am no longer lost, aimless, and alone.

I am held firmly where I belong in Your loving embrace.

I am no longer adrift in a sea of nothingness.

I am anchored securely by Your great love for me.

Laurie Pontious-Andrews

John 8:48-59
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One Who Has Been There


“The bromides, platitudes, and exhortations to trust God from nominal believers who have never visited the valley of desolation are not only useless; they are textbook illustrations of unmitigated gall. Only someone who has been there, who has drunk the dregs of our cup of pain, who has experienced the existential loneliness and alienation of the human condition, dares whisper the name of the Holy to our unspeakable distress. Only that witness is credible; only that love is believable.” 
Brennan Manning – Ruthless Trust
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Welcome As You Are


“When the prodigal son limped home from his lengthy binge of waste and wandering, boozing and womanizing, his motives were mixed at best. He said to himself, ‘How many of my father’s paid servants have more food than they want, and here I am dying of hunger! I will leave this place and go to my father.’ 
The ragamuffin’s stomach was not churning with compunction because he had broken his father’s heart. He stumbled home simply to survive. 

For me, the most touching verse in the entire Bible is the father’s response: ‘While he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was moved with pity. He ran to the boy, clasped him in his arms and kissed him tenderly.’ 
I am moved that the father didn’t cross-examine the boy, bully him, lecture him on ingratitude, or insist on any high motivation. He was so overjoyed at the sight of his son that he ignored all canons of prudence and parental discretion and simply welcomed him home. The father took him back just as he was. 
What a word of encouragement, consolation, and comfort! We don’t have to sift our hearts and analyze our intentions before returning home. Abba just wants us to show up. 
We don’t have to tarry at the tavern until purity of heart arrives. We don’t have to be shredded with sorrow or crushed with contrition. We don’t have to be perfect or even very good before God will accept us. We don’t have to wallow in guilt, shame, and self-condemnation. 
Even if we still nurse a secret nostalgia for the far country, Abba falls on our neck and kisses us.” 
–Brennan Manning (The Ragamuffin Gospel)

You Whisper My Name


You Whisper My Name

Struggle – early in life
Never accepted
Never good enough
Don’t belong at all

Deep longing
Very painful
Pulled away
Lonely and afraid

Whisper my name
Comforting words
Respond to the need
Declarations of acceptance

Belonging to You
Called by name
Part of Your Family
Accepted and loved

– Laurie Pontious-Andrews

Isaiah 43:1 – Promise, My Personal Paraphrase

You whisper my name and declare that I am Yours.

The Ministry of Disappointment


Disappointment is the crucible that can make even the most faith-filled person question God’s existence and his authority. It can also be the place that we truly find God and separate our need for answers from his all encompassing love for us. God is not an absent parent who, between shifts at his job and a run for cigarettes, forgets that we need milk for school in the morning. God is not a strict teacher who wants to sting our knuckles with a ruler every time we make a mistake.

God loves us. Not just because bumper stickers or badly designed t-shirts say so. God loves us. Not just because we try to be good or do good things for him. God loves us. Not because we clock in on time at church on Sunday or ladle chili into bowls at a soup kitchen. He loves us because he said so, because it is only in his character to do so. He is the God whose love is found in prosperity and poverty, in answers and in questions, in disappointment and in miracles. He is the God who keeps track of our tears, helps us to find joy and wants to walk with us everyday, whether we have the answers or not.

A Deeper Story – excerpt only
The Ministry of Disappointment
Amena Brown Owen



Forgive me. I’m going to stand on a little soapbox for a moment, if it’s okay. I don’t understand. Maybe you can help me out.

There’s a cry for help for girls who have been abducted and taken to only God knows where. So posts go up all over social media asking, no, begging, for intervention. And I am right there in the mix – praying, interceding, posting, sharing, forwarding… This is a good thing, right? A heartfelt, compassionate desire for any and all kinds of help. But reading through some of the posts within the posts there is an outright attack against those who say they are praying for the daughters and their families. God – is attacked for being impotent, unfeeling, absent and, therefore, non-existent. Individuals – are attacked for believing and crying out to Him on behalf of the victims and chided as idiots for calling out to a non-existent God.

HGTV has caved under pressure and fired the Benham brothers (Flip It Forward). They were let go because “off-screen” they are active in their personal beliefs. Yes, they are Christians who publicly oppose abortion and same-sex marriage. But – wait a second – aren’t they allowed their personal private “off-screen off- air-HGTV” beliefs?

Aren’t we all?

Why is it that tolerance and acceptance is only extended to those whom the mainstream declares to be in the right and, therefore, of worth and value?

Doesn’t tolerance cease to be tolerance if ANY group is mocked and cajoled for their personal beliefs?

Forgive me, but I must ask – is bullying acceptable if it’s aimed towards a mother who says she is earnestly praying for another mother whose daughter has been abducted by a radical extremist group – no matter what religion they declare to be under?

Is wrong not wrong anymore?

Is black, white? And white, black?

Have we lost our common sense and reason?

Are we really just some great big herd of sheep bleating at whatever screams and shouts the loudest and flashes the brightest colors?

Here it is – like it or not.

I am a Born Again Spirit-Filled Christian. I genuinely love The Lord. Yes, The Lord. His name, is Jesus. My Savior. His Father, is God. The God. Capital G. I pray. And ya know what? I believe He not only hears my pleas but He answers. In fact, I have seen Him answer.

I honestly grieve for those who are hurting. I grieve for those who are abused – no matter what their creed, color, or, God help me, religion. Yeah, that’s right, religion. I grieve for those who declare that there is no God as earnestly as I do for those who claim their god is about the destruction of those whose God is Jehovah. I believe that Christ died for ALL and that it is His will that ALL be saved.

If that makes me an idiot. So be it.

If that makes me a right wing radical. So be it.

The truth is, I accept you. I love you. I pray for you. And I have compassion for you.

If you believe that makes me intolerant well I must not understand what intolerance really is.

If you feel you need to unfriend me – I understand. But this is my personal belief statement and I believe I have the freedom, just as equally as you, to believe as I personally choose to.