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Oh How Wonderful!




With Your Hand on the Doorknob


With Your Hand on the Doorknob

You are my Beginning.
You reached out
And personally chose me.

You courted, wooed,
And beckoned.
Until, at long last,

My heart was undone
And utterly ravished
By a Love unknown.

Threshold upon threshold
We have said goodbye to the old
And embraced the new.

Threshold upon threshold
You have lifted me in Your arms
And carried me o’er.

Threshold upon threshold
You have protected and secured me
From the chains and curses of the past.

How many stories could be shared!
How many precious, tender moments
Treasured up inside my heart!

Threshold upon threshold
With Your hand on the doorknob
And me in Your arms,

For You are my Beginning
And my Ending
And all that lies between.

~ Laurie Pontious-Andrews