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The Place of Promise


The Place of Promise

I find myself
Poised on the Edge
of a Promising Place.

A place You long ago
Promised I would be –

A meeting with You –

A Promise to experience
Your Eternal Hesed.

As I cry out
And pour out
My lament before You.

Ekah!? Ekah!?
Where were You!?

Why, if You love me,
Did You permit
All of it to happen!?

Ekah!? Ekah!?
The painful emotion
Wells up and engulfs me.

You and me.
I am, at long last,
Alone with You.

My grief is weighty
But Your Grace
Is greater still.

My pain is intense
But Your Compassionate Touch
Brings Healing and Comfort.

Oh, Mighty God
Who owns everything,
Hear my cry
And weep with me.

Embrace me until
All that I am is fully
Engulfed in You.

Oh, Loving Father
Who is All-Powerful and Just
Fulfill what You have
Personally promised me.

As I boldly declare,
My heart is safe with You.

– Laurie Pontious-Andrews