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He will break the chains.




How He Loves Me


How He Loves Me

Daddy carefully and patiently waits
And watches over me never
Leaving me for even a moment.
Yes, I am that important to Him.

Daddy is very tender and quiet with me.
Not demanding that I do this or that
But silently sits by my side.
He understands me.
He cares greatly for me.
He does not coerce or force me.

Daddy sits still watching over me
Allowing me to see
His tender gaze upon me
And to feel the warmth
Of His compassionate presence.

Daddy expresses in many
Pleasant and natural ways
That I am in a safe place,
That no harm will befall me
In His presence and that I am free.

Daddy is gentle – He does not shout
Nor quarrel so that those in the streets
Hear and therefore, I am shamed.
He does not break the bruised reed,
Nor quench the dimly burning flame.

Daddy encourages my faint heart,
When I am tempted to despair.
He will see full justice given
For all who have wronged me.

Daddy cannot help but be well aware
And understanding of the work
And busyness that I have given myself to
In an effort to escape
The loneliness, guilt and shame.

Daddy knows that it is the result
Of the abuse and affliction
I have endured.
He knows that my mind
Has sought out work
In a desperate attempt
To gain value and worth.

Daddy understands with great empathy
My need to keep this busyness
And work alive within me –
How hard it is to release
My grasp and let it go.
He is ever patient with me.
There is no judgment
Or condemnation in His eyes.

Daddy knows better than I just how good
The toil makes me feel as it props me up
And supports me as a pitiful crutch.
Constant work and busyness allows
The thoughts and cavernous cries
To be dulled – if not altogether silenced,
Albeit for a moment.

Daddy knows how terrifying it is to lay aside
This busyness for the promise of genuine peace.
Even now, with all He has already provided,
With all that I have experienced,
I am frightened at the prospect.

Daddy softly encourages me to trust
And release the toil with Him.
To enter fully into His rest.
To believe His heart towards me.
To lay myself fully upon His breast
And receive what He longs to endow.
All He requires is my word
And He takes it upon Himself to accomplish.

Such a great struggle.

In Your Name, Daddy.
For Your love alone.
None other.
For none other is worthy.

Daddy knows me.
He knows my wounding.
He knows the history of every scar.
He holds my heart.
He deals generously and deeply with me.
He is tender with my faults
– and they are vast –
But He does not keep count.
He has saved my tears.
He has seen me bleed.
He loves me.

~ Laurie Pontious-Andrews