Who are you, really?
Why do I choose to give you my power?
Why do I allow you to disquiet my soul?
Why do I allow myself to be hurt?

You waltz about with an air of superiority.
Others bow and cater to you.
I feel confused, unsure.
Am I the one who’s wrong?

Why do I seek you out
Knowing you judge so harshly?
I feel your scrutiny burning into my being.
And, yet, I stay?

Your subtle confrontational remarks
Cut to the quick.
They are intentional and inflict pain.
Why are you so ridged
As if your’s is the only way?

You assume an awful power
And an awesome responsibility
When you appoint yourself
Judge over another,
Especially when you have never
Attempted to try on their shoes.

The truth is I don’t need you.
I don’t need what you have to offer.
I don’t need to be judged.
I need relationship that is
Loving, accepting, and nurturing.

I choose not to give away my power.
I choose not to allow myself to be disquieted.
I choose not to allow myself to be hurt.
I choose to forgive, but walk away.
This time, not to return.

~ Laurie Pontious-Andrews


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