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Notes and Quotes – The Shack

Notes and Quotes

The Shack
Page 243 – 266 (end of book)
December 7th, 2011

Faith never knows where [or why] it’s being led. But it knows and loves the One Who is leading. – Oswald Chambers

“…It had been a horribly painful season. In fact, if you stepped back and isolated my life, apart from my family and friends, you would have seen that my history was a series of train wrecks… An adult burdened with lies, compulsive perfectionism, and pervasive shame and throughout a fine line between suicide and flight, all under a mask of adequacy, spirituality and health… The train came totally off the tracks with devastating results… Through all of that God had to dismantle and rebuild my entire life from scratch.”

My Breakthrough by Way of a Meltdown – 01/11/11 [JE 110101]




“Most importantly for you to understand is that fear from the enemy is designed purposely to keep you from doing God’s work. The ultimate test is to see whether you have been waylaid. Have you actually done what God has called you to do? Yes, we have bad health, disappointing friendships, difficult family circumstances, but the key question in the end is whether are you so poised to do God’s will, that someone’s threat will not be able to keep you doing what God wants. You might need to move slower than you thought. But you will never give up. You are determined to do what you can to affirm His will in your life. Your faith is challenged so that you could deepen your trust in God for things you or your forefathers perhaps have never trusted Him to do before.” Online Site